The Seattle Wind Symphony

Photo of the Seattle Wind Symphony

Why was Seattle Wind Symphony organized?

Several top musicians in the Greater Seattle area felt that Seattle did not have its own audition-level, wind symphony and the organizers believed there was a need for one.

We recognize that many people have never heard high-quality, symphonic wind music and wanted the opportunity to be ambassadors for that literature in Seattle. We hope to give the community a special sound and young musicians a motivation to continue practicing and playing music once they are out of school.

What is a Wind Symphony?

Wind symphonies are different from the orchestral symphonies many people know. A typical symphonic orchestra might have over 50 strings (violin, viola, cello, string bass), and 20 or more woodwind, brass and percussion players. A wind symphony, on the other hand, has 50-60 woodwind, brass and percussion players and often a string bass, piano or harp.

The difference between a wind symphony and a wind ensemble is partially semantics and partially size. Wind symphonies are usually larger than wind ensembles. Both reflect a more serious purpose than is often associated with the more traditional name for a group of wind instruments which is band.

The result of this will be a different sound — A New Seattle Sound.

A considerable amount of music has been composed to take advantage of the unique qualities of wind symphony instrumentation. The Seattle Wind Symphony intends to take advantage of that literature and explore the tonal textures possible with a wind symphony.

What is the Mission of the Seattle Wind Symphony?

Seattle Wind Symphony is dedicated to the presentation of professional quality symphonic wind music to the general public, educators and students. Our program philosophy is to perform time tested, professional and compelling literature that is engaging for both audience and musicians alike. As an audition ensemble we are intentional about providing an opportunity for the finest wind, brass and percussion instrumentalists to perform. Seattle Wind Symphony endeavors to be an instrument of hope for young musicians by modeling high music and performance standards.